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Audience Share of Voice and Consumption Graphing

Basic Tools for Publishers and Brands to Size any Audience Opportunity | Advanced Contextual

Our mission at Advanced Contextual is simple. We believe individual privacy is important and doesn’t have to compromise good business. We provide publishers and brands with tools to better understand their audiences through content consumption and dynamic intent data. We do this in a way that preserves both scale and precision, not tied to any single identifier.

When we were building Advanced Contextual, we had to build a toolset to unpack the power of content consumption as an intent signal. The toolset ultimately includes a lot of activation options for both audience and customer development, but it’s all underpinned by a concept of share of voice (SOV) that we deploy through our Consumption Graph.

Every brand and publisher has a target customer and audience they service, and each target market is finite. For example, 2% of the driving population in the US is in the market for a car on any given day. Now, how do you think about reaching that in-market audience in a world without cookies and constricted data due to privacy legislation?

To help answer that, we decided the first tool our customers needed was a graph that measured content consumption for a publisher or brand in relation to its competition. Conceptually, we draw a circle around a target market and then monitor SOV across a competitive set. We call this our Consumption Graph. It shows the predominant competitors in a category based on the amount of content consumed by our customer and their competition, which they define. The market can be geographic or by content vertical if we’re working with a publishing customer. If it’s a brand customer, we graph them versus competitive brands.

In either case we’ve helped them understand and attack their competitive market by showing them the topics that matter to their customer or audience base.

Here’s an example.

We worked with a large national retailer who had a line of house-made clothes for young men. They were having a hard time effectively reaching their target audience, since young men didn’t think of this retailer for work clothes. By graphing the content consumption around their audience, we were able to illuminate for them that their products resonated with first time job seekers. From there, we drew a circle around all the first time job content that had scale and the retailer found a way to prospect their target audience.

What we find useful in graphing content consumption is that over time the brand or publisher can learn about trends of consumption patterns and become predictive in how they think about the content they create and syndicate to build their brand. If they know their SOV - and the competition’s - they can attack their target market with more certainty.

Share of Voice - delivered through a Consumption Graph of a well-defined target market and competitive set - can be a potent tool of acquisition and retention for publishers and brands.

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