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Audience Intelligence Report: Super Bowl Fans

Is your brand looking for additional ways to reach Super Bowl fans beyond football content? Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence Report enables marketers to extend targeting tactics based on observed content consumption behavior. Our report provides the ability to scale beyond endemic content to connect with ideal audiences in new ways. Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence Report uses an analytic driven approach which leverages content consumption comp indexes, (like found in Nielsen reports) to ensure brand goals are met.

To see what other topics resonate with people reading/watching content about the Super Bowl, we used our Audience Intelligence Report. Our findings indicate that compared to other users online, Super Bowl fans are more likely to consume content around the following topics, which don't obviously correlate with content about football:

  • Vaccines

  • Stocks & Bonds

  • Air Travel

  • Celebrity Style

Based on these over-indexing topics, we recommend adding the segments in the chart to an advertising campaign reaching Super Bowl fans. This will allow your brand to reach your ideal consumers in less-obvious content environments to understand where else your message resonates best. Advanced Contextual's custom targeting segments can be activated against pages or UIDs, maximizing reach in your desired tactics.

As brands explore alternatives to cookie-based ad targeting, they need a platform that can find their audience in multiple environments while preserving reach, scale and frequency. Using Advanced Contextual's analytic driven approach, we can achieve your goals by reaching Super Bowl fans through the content they read and watch online. Contact us to learn more.

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