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Audience Intelligence Report: Motorcycle Shoppers

With warmer weather quickly approaching, we took a look at trends within our custom Content Target about motorcycles. This custom segment starts with example URLs around the best motorcycles of 2021, motorcycle buying guides, & motorcycle insurance comparisons. Then, Advanced Contextual found over 2 million matching articles and videos relevant to people shopping for motorcycles. Beyond endemic content about motorcycles, we’re able to find additional topics motorcycle buyers are interested in using our Audience Intelligence Report. Comparing the motorcycles Content Target to our taxonomy, we found that trucks, insurance, road trips, & music news are other topics of interest to motorcycle shoppers, compared to other users online.

Whether your brand is reaching people shopping for motorcycles, gear, or insurance, Advanced Contextual's cookieless targeting solution is ready in advance of third-party cookies crumbling. Please contact us below to learn more.

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