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Audience Intelligence Report: Meal Prep & Planning

Advanced Contextual's Audience Intelligence Report shows marketers other topics their ideal clients are reading/watching online. Using an analytic driven approach which leverages content consumption comp indexes, like found in Nielsen reports, we applied our Audience Intelligence Report to meal prep & planning content.

Our findings indicate that compared to other users online, people reading about meal prep & planning are X times more likely to consume content around the following topics:

  • 576X Grocery Shopping & Couponing

  • 311X Nutrition & Healthy Foods

  • 287X Diets & Weight Loss

  • 280X Trending Fashion

  • 242X Personal Care

  • 225X Healthy Dessert Recipes

  • 144X Exercise & Fitness

  • 139X Mental Health

Based on this observed content consumption behavior, we recommend adding these segments to an advertising campaign that is reaching people who are planning & shopping for meal prep recipes. This gives marketers an opportunity to connect with ideal customers outside of endemic content we know they are interested in. Our custom targeting segments can be activated against pages or UIDs, maximizing reach, scale, and frequency in your desired tactics. Contact us to learn more about using Advanced Contextual to achieve your advertising goals by reaching meal planners through the content they read and watch online.

Audience Intelligence Report: Meal Prep & Planning

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