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Audience Intelligence Report: Hunting

Do you have an advertising campaign that reaches a target audience who is interested in hunting? Using Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report, we can compare endemic hunting content to other topics in our taxonomy. This results in additional ways to reach hunters beyond endemic hunting content as they’re consuming other topics of interest to them.

Applying Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report to our custom hunting segment, we found that hunters read/watch content about the following topics, more often than other users online: Politics, Weather, Movies & TV, Pet Owners, Fishing, Hiking, Home Improvement, and Trucks.

Hunting Audience Intelligence Report Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Audience Extension

Our Audience Intelligence Report is useful for your brand by expanding page-level and/or audience segments to increase the scale of your media campaign. Using Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension becomes increasingly important in a privacy-focused world, so you can connect with your audience outside of the endemic content we know they are interested in. By applying our Audience Intelligence Report to active campaigns, we’ve been able to improve campaign performance and want to help your brand do the same. Contact us to learn more.

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Spectrum's Audience Intelligence Report: Hunting

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