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Advanced Contextual Performs

Like the title says, our future-pointed signal and platform performs. In our new content series we’ll publish case studies we’ve been working on with customers. With 50% of the programmatic bidstream absent IDs, and 74% of buyers stating they want to leverage contextual going forward, we have the scaled and safe solution that performs.

Case studies can be informative and provide valuable insights for the reader. Today’s reader of this type of content is definitely looking for insight since what they’ve been using for decades is going away with the sunset of the cookie and the dawn of privacy regulation impacts.

We’ve taken an approach that we do think will inform the reader. Our case studies are based on our KPI performance versus our customer’s target KPI. Rather than use an industry standard or benchmark, we decided to track our performance against our customer’s goals. It’s kept us focused on producing a scaled and performant platform and set of products.

We all live and die by our customers' goals and our ability to hit them. That’s the game we’ve chosen to play as individuals and companies. And that game is changing forever and for the good. We hope these case studies will provide the reader with the perspective that there are scaled and performant alternatives to cookies.

And when you’re ready to act you’ll know who has the good stuff.

Enjoy and let us know if we can help you.

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